eHub -Your key to 
mobile commerce

We simplify online-shopping with one single login for all shops of the network. That also enables consumers to use their fingerprint to checkout on a mobile device. No more registration, no more struggle - just a finger tap!


Save time

No more typing of personal information for every single order. Your data gets securely transmitted while you save time.


Use fingerprint

You like typing a lot on a small screen? We don't! Get out of trouble and sign your orders just with a fingertip on your device.

No more registration

Registration is so 00's.. You already have enough logins. Register once and use that login for all shops of the network.



Simplify checkout

Registration is one of the most prominent reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. Stop scaring customers away by allowing them to login with eHub.


Increase revenue

Lower the barriers for customers with eHub and increase overall revenue as well as retention rate. Make use of the full reach of the network.


Validated consumers

With biometric authentification and device recognition in place, you as a merchant can be sure that a consumer is legitmat. No more fraud, no more losses.